Mateo Salinas Clarke

Hello, I'm a Civic Technologist & Senior Full Stack Software Engineer at MO Studio where I help the Department of Veteran Affairs with their transition to more secure sign-in providers, like

Previously, I worked as an Engineering Lead for the Colorado Digital Service where I helped launch the software and data systems behind the Universal Preschool Program. I also worked at the municipal gov level at the City of Austin, where I was Lead Engineer for the Department of Transportation's Software Engineering and Data Science team. I am passionate about public service and participation in the civic space to create resilient and enriching communities.

Beyond software, I'm a student of earthen construction. I'm learning about adobe (not the software) along with other earthen building practices with the aspiration to become an owner/builder. My interest in earthen construction is a personal response to the climate crises and connects me to heritage practice.

When I'm not working on open-source software or playing with mud, I play soccer, music, ride bikes, and eat tacos.

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